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Fjord Sightseeing

The Fjord landscape of Norway are well known all over the world. Both the Nry fjord and the Geiranger fjord are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and those are just two of many exceptional beautiful fjords around Norway.

Nordic Experience provide both fjord sightseeings and more adventurous activities which brings you close up to this stunning landscape. Kayak tours, hiking trips, fishing and swimming are among the activities.

Fishing tours

Norway are famous for it's fishing industry, and there is definitely a reason why people from all over the world travel to Norway for an amazing fishing experience. There is a lot of variety when it comes to options. Some like to relax by a lake, while others struggle to get the real big salmon in a river. Others want to spend a day or two out at sea.

With todays markets and need for perfection, the importance of working good as a team has never been greater. Making people with different age, sex and social background work as the perfect team can be a rough challenge even for the most experienced leader.
Cruise ship handling

Everyone who has been cruising know that the excursions provided by the cruise company are overprized. As a ground operator Nordic Experience provide cruise handling in the ports of Bergen, Geiranger, Hellesylt and Flm with different tour excursions for groups.
Adventure tours

Nordic Experience is one of the most experienced adventure companies in Norway when it comes to individual travelers. No other company provide so much adventure and fun for budget travelers. This have taught us how to deal with adventure and adrenaline, and we proudly use this knowledge to plan group tours all year!

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